Past Business Spotlights

Quick Shop/Subway

 407 4th Ave NE

Arlington, MN 55307

(507) 964-5904 / (507) 964-5939

Quick Shop and Subway are owned by Rich and Bonnie Tuchtenhagen, and Wendell and Lorraine Terlinden. They have been business owners since September 1997 and employ a total of 16 people.

Bonnie and Lorraine enjoy visiting with customers; "Customers are part of their family".

Quick Shop and Subway will be closed on May 15th from 11am-5pm for computer upgrades.

The following are notes from Bonnie and Lorraine. Left: Hours and main attractions from Quick Shop; Right: Hours and menus from Subway.

Reflections Hair Care/Stu's Cafe

 227 W Main St / 233 W Main St

Arlington, MN 55307

(507) 964-2270 / (507) 964-2570

Reflections Hair Care/Stu's is the Business Spotlight for the month of April. The two businesses, owned by Phyllis Kroehler, are located along the 200 block of West Main Street.

Phyllis, who began cutting hair in 1970, started Reflections Hair Care in April of 1978.

Phyllis and her late husband, George Kroehler, purchased Stu's from Stu and Gladys Scheer in 1999.

She has continued to operate Stu's after George passed away in 2009.

"It's all about the people, the customers," Phyllis said of her two businesses.

Stu's has been a gathering place for people of all ages for decades, according to Phyllis. "Everybody enjoys the simple food like a hamburger, soup and malt," said Phyllis, who likes to fuss over her morning coffee

Stu's is open from 7:45 a.m. To 9:30 a.m. And 11 a.m. To 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is also open from 4:30 p.m. To 7 p.m. Thursday nights.

Photo CaptionPhyllis Kroehler, right, has owned Stu's since 1999. Her employee, Jan Larsen, is pictured on the left.

Scott Equipment Co.

39579 230th St

 Arlington, MN 55307


Scott Equipment Company is a leading processing and industrial equipment manufacturer and global provider of custom processing equipment for the agricultural and industrial markets. In 1966, R.V. (Dick) Lucas started a small feed processing equipment manufacturing shop in Jordan, Minnesota. Driven to produce custom, quality products for a diverse range of industries, Scott Equipment has grown to successfully supply processing equipment in numerous industries throughout the United States and many foreign countries.

Scott Equipment has two manufacturing locations, one in New Prague and a second in Arlington, Minnesota. With extensive pilot plant testing faculties and rental program, we offer a win-win situation where our customers can actually test our machines with their products before purchase. Additionally, we are pleased to offer a network of technical support and consulting services to address each customer's unique needs.

From our original feed processing equipment to our patented AST Drying System, Scott Equipment now designs and manufactures custom batch, as well as continuous mixing systems, blenders, coolers for ground material, size reduction equipment, product separation equipment and dry bulk storage bins. Our flexible design capabilities and completely custom manufacturing process allow our processing and mixing equipment the flexibility to work within a variety of industry applications including pharmaceuticals, food, agricultural, industrial and waste reduction applications.

Our Team

David J. Lucas: President
Richard R. (Rich) Lucas: VP Engineering
James R. Lucas: VP Production
Terrance S. Lijewski: VP Human Resources & Finance
Jennifer O'Day: Chief Financial Officer

Good Samaritan Society

411 7th Ave NW

Arlington, MN 55307

(507) 964-2251

The Good Samaritan Society - Arlington has been a fixture in the community since 1971.

The 35-bed nursing room offers outpatient therapy to the community, meals on wheels to the community and has served meals for the Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center during the last few years. The nursing home also works with RSMC with having medical director and nurse practitioner that comes to the nursing home to see residents as well as work with Ridgewater College to put
employees through certified nursing assistant courses. The nursing also works with Sibley East on the nursing program as it is a host site for training.

The Fairview Assisted Living facility is a 12-apartment building that was added and attached to the nursing home in 2007. The apartments range from studio style to one bedroom. A private dining room sits off the main dining room and is available for family gatherings as well as community events. Packages are available for services not included in the apartment fee.


On July 1, the Convalescent Home was sold to The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and renamed the Arlington Good Samaritan Center.

In 1977, through a bequest from the Alfred and Elsa Meyer estate, a new kitchen was constructed and the laundry and storage areas were remodeled.

In 1986 serious planning began by the center's staff and advisory board to address in a logical fashion the center's most severe physical plant problems.

In 187, Phase I of the center's Master Plan was initiated to address the needs for more office space, resident and staff lounge areas, a family conference room and expanded nurses' station and open lobby area. Fundraising for this campaign successfully raised over $45,000 toward the total project cost of $320,000.

In 1992, planning and construction began to address priorities of Phase II of the Master Plan. This included configuration of 11 resident beds (the termination of the center's three and four-bed wards and other
arrangements), new tub and shower facilities, additional storage space and a new physical/occupational therapy room. Approximately 4,500 square feet of new space was added to the center, with an additional 3,400 square feet
being remodeled. Fundraising for this campaign netted over $72,000 toward the total project cost of $695,000.

In 1995, a grant was received from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to purchase a 12-passenger handicap-accessible bus. This has proved very beneficial for resident outings.

In 1999, the entire mechanical system of the building was given an overhaul. New boilers, water softners and a water heater were installed. Heating control valued were moved out of the tunnel that runs under the building and put in the heating units in the rooms. The electric heat was removed from the activity room win and replaced with the hot water heat that runs throughout the building. This was a $200,000 project.

In 2000, the dining room was expanded. The walls between the previous maintenance office and adjoining mechanical room and and the dining room were removed and 400 square feet were added to the dining room. New roof top
air conditioning/heating/air exchange units were installed in the kitchen and dining room. This $100,000 project enabled us to serve all of our residents in one setting.

During 2011-2012, the center embarked upon a remodeling project that results in reducing the size of one nurses' station which allowed for more meeting space for residents and families. A charting room was established. New
carpeting, new window treatments, and slip-resistant flooring in resident rooms were installed. New bed spreads were also purchased.

In 2015, the main dining room went through an update including new chairs, wall and window coverings.

In 2016, a new maintenance free gazebo replaced the old existing wood gazebo through fundraising efforts.

420 W. Main Street

Arlington, MN  55307

Who owns your business?

Amanda Fisher


When did you start and open your business in Arlington?

October 2012.  Amanda began coaching clients a few nights per week and held her classes in the gym of St. Paul Lutheran School.  By April 2013, she transitioned from that setting to a more full-time model and physical space now located at 420 Main Street West.


What is unique or special about your business?

TM Wellness Revolution provides fitness and nutrition coaching services.  We provide fitness coaching in a group setting (5-10 clients at one time) and a private setting (one-on-one between client and coach).  This means we provide an appropriate workout for clients by tailoring exercises to the clients' skill level, taking into account how their body moves, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.  Specific workouts are provided to clients each time that they visit, and we help them progress by moving better, getting stronger, and feeling more coordinated and balanced not only for their workouts, but for their everyday life.  We provide nutrition coaching to to group and private clients in a variety of ways.  Generally, we work on specific actions to incorporate healthy nutrition habits into busy lives.  We don't prescribe diets.  Instead, we help our clients include lots of healthy things like veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and work towards a healthy approach for each individual.  Our nutrition motto is, "like how you eat."  People that "like how they eat" don't stress about food choices, feel the need to diet, or "start again on Monday,"  TM Wellness Revolution is passionate about meeting people where they are at with both fitness and nutrition, and help them progress from there.


What do you like most about having your business in Arlington?

I was born and raised in Arlington, and my husband and I raise our family here.  I can't imagine living anywhere else, raising a family anywhere else, or owning a business anywhere else.  The coolest thing about having a business here is the small town vive of business in Arlington.  In fact, our slogan at TM Wellness Revolution is "Small Town Vibe, Big Town Tribe."  Our tribe of clients is unlike anything I have been part of, and our clients make the atmosphere in the gym supportive, inclusive, positive, and...hilarious at times.  Another cool fact about having a business in a small town is seeing the reach.  I also coach clients on-line through  Through my coaching service and my blog, I chat daily with clients and readers from most states in the US, and a few different countries as well, and I don't have to leave Arlington to do this.

This TM Wellness Business Spotlight Questionnaire is sponsored by the Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce and first appeared in the Arlington Enterprise on December 21, 2017.